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“To learn, live and share the love of Jesus Christ”

      is the core value of Peace Moravian Church.

We are committed to building up the entire Body of Christ by:

  • Providing opportunities for worship and praise for all of God’s people;
  • Sharing the love of our Lord and Savior with our neighbors, our community, and the world through innovative ministries and activities;
  • Nurturing and encouraging the spiritual growth of every person.

As a congregation of the Oldest Protestant Denomination in the World today, we are firmly grounded in the historic Christian doctrines and practices. Here is some information about what we believe.

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Upcoming Events

Moravian Celebrations

On August 10 and 17 Peace Moravian will celebrate an anniversary of a profound and life shaping event of the Moravian Church. August 10 we shall celebrate Lovefeast and on August 17 Holy Communion. The following gives a historical view of why these celebrations take place.

“Following May 12, 1727, when the residents of Herrnhut [Germany] agreed to live together in brotherly accord, they held many conferences and many prayer meetings. Finally they felt that they were ready to unite in a celebration of the Lord’s Supper, and it was held on Wednesday morning, August 13, 1727, in the parish church at Berthelsdorf. This Lutheran church was also on the estate of Count Zinzendorf and was about one mile from the village of Herrnhut.

As the service began two young women were confirmed for their first participation in the Lord’s Supper. Count Zinzendorf offered an impassioned prayer. So great was the blessing felt during this communion and so great and lasting was its influence that it has been called the birthday of the renewed Unitas Fratrum, or Moravian Church. The anniversary is one of the greatest and most important festivals of the Moravian Church.” from Customs and Practices of the Moravian Church by Adelaide L. Fries.

From this event comes the practice of Lovefeast in the Moravian Church. The participants in the August 13, 1727 service were so moved by the Holy Spirit that they did not want to leave the gathering. Count Zinzendorf sent to the manor house for food. The remembrance of the event began the beginning of our Lovefeast celebrations.

May the Holy Spirit fill those that worship at Peace Moravian and other Moravian churches around the world that we may be filled with God’s Spirit and renewed to moved to continue to worship and  serve our Lamb.


Neighborhood Gathering! Saturday, August 30th at 6:00 PM. Pizza, ice cream and fun for all! This is a free supper for members and neighbors.

NCIS – New Community Information Series: This new series will take place the second Monday of September, October and November with speakers from various health fields bringing important information concerning our health or the health of our loved ones. This series is designed to educate us on current and perhaps future needs of our families. Open to the public and free.

September 8 – Diabetes Association

October 13 – Alzheimer’s Association









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Visitors Expected!

Visitors Expected!

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Moravian Motto: In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all thing, love.