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 Our mission statement…

“To learn, live and share

the love of Jesus Christ”

We are committed to building up the entire Body of Christ by…

(1)  Providing opportunities for worship and praise for all of God’s people.
(2)  Sharing the love of our Lord and Savior with our neighbors, our community, and the world through innovative ministry programs, outreach activities, and fellowship events.
(3)  Nurturing and encouraging the spiritual growth of every person.

As a congregation of the oldest Protestant denomination in the world, we are firmly grounded in the historic Christian doctrines and practices.  Here is some information about what we believe.


004A message from Pastor Copeland…


June 28/5th Sunday after Pentecost

“Do not fear…only believe!”

In visiting a former member who dwelled in a nursing home, I was moved by her heartfelt struggle.  She said that she no longer felt useful.  She used to be able to play the piano, but now her fingers and mind no longer worked the same.  She could not take care of herself anymore, let alone anyone else.  She was unable to walk or get around.  I asked her if she thought Jesus still dwelled in her.  She emphatically said, “Yes!”  I then reminded her of this gospel story from Mark.  If Jesus dwelled in her, then so did the power of Jesus.  If the power of Jesus dwelt in her, then it was not about her ability but God’s.  All that woman had to was touch the hem of Jesus’ garment and she stopped hemorrhaging.  Power went out from Jesus.  I asked her what would happen if she prayed for the people that combed her hair and dressed her.  Might power go forth from her and bring healing to something in their lives?  What about us?  Does Jesus dwell with us?  Everyone looked at what they saw and told Jesus there was no hope.  Jesus said, “Do not fear, only believe!”

(Commentary based on the text of Mark 5:21-43)

Worship at 11:00 a.m. 



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Moravian Motto: In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all thing, love.