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 Our mission statement…

“To learn, live and share

the love of Jesus Christ”

We are committed to building up the entire Body of Christ by…

(1)  Providing opportunities for worship and praise for all of God’s people.
(2)  Sharing the love of our Lord and Savior with our neighbors, our community, and the world through innovative ministry programs, outreach activities, and fellowship events.
(3)  Nurturing and encouraging the spiritual growth of every person.

As a congregation of the oldest Protestant denomination in the world, we are firmly grounded in the historic Christian doctrines and practices.  Here is some information about what we believe.


004A message from Pastor Copeland…


August 2, 2015

Message theme…

As Peace Moravian Church no longer owns a building, what is the bond of Peace?  Where do we find unity?  What can hold Peace together if not the property and location?  Peace is changing from a settled congregation to a mobile community.  We are going to discover that our bond of peace was never the building.  We will discover that our bond is our common mission and calling.  Our bond of peace is our relationship with God and each other.  Our bond of peace is for a purpose.  In the coming months, we will bring to conclusion one chapter of our story and begin framing a new one.  In this time, we will discover the Bond of Peace.

“Maintaining the Unity”

It might be easy to think that without a building of our own, we have nothing to maintain.  Paul reminds us that the most important maintenance the church can do is maintaining our unity in the bond of peace.   It is easy to defer this kind of maintenance.  It is easy for us to take for granted that we already know each other.  We defer maintenance of relationships.  We defer maintenance of connection to each other in Christ.  When we defer maintenance, our unity becomes shallow and unable to withstand when time and change pushes against it.  We may no longer have a building to maintain, but we are the building of Christ’s presence.  How can we invest in maintaining our unity with Christ and each other in the bond of peace?


(Commentary based on the text of Ephesians 4:1-16))

Worship at 11:00 a.m. 



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Moravian Motto: In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all thing, love.